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    permanent temporary employees

    I think this "permanent temporary employees" is about "permanent employees and temporary employees separately", not a third type of "employees who are permanently temporary, which doesn't makes sense, right? If the former is true, why was it written like that?

    ex)Effective immediately : There will be no staff increases during the next two fiscal quarters...All pending requisitions for new hires and permanent temporary employees are canceled...

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    Re: permanent temporary employees

    Beats me. It sounds contradictory to me.

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    Re: permanent temporary employees

    Some temporary workers are hired for a very short time indeed - possibly only a day or so. Others are hired for long-term work. Because of government or other regulations, it may not be possible for employees to be given permanent posts, but both sides know that they are, in effect, permanent. My son once worked for four years as a 'temp' with a local authority in England. Technically he was employed by his agency, not the authority. This allowed the authority not to include him in in any permanent employee figures. It also allowed the authority to terminate his employment at any time, with no notice and no compensation.

    This type of situation could be what is mean by 'permanent temporary employees'.

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