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Children's Wish

At the top of the mountains. It has a house that made of wood and it has a small size .Inside, the house was cluttered, it look be in confusion and it covered with Cobweb. It seems the house has not been cleaned for a long time and not likely to have people live in there, but it's not like that.Inside the house are have little girls and boys living together. Their faces are full of despair and it looks them waiting for something.

One day, before their birthday. They thought to themselves that they want to celebrate the day of them birth like other children, but they never go outside the house to open worldwide even once, and they also have no mother and father because he/she had abandoned them since young. The five children were so pity. That night, the childrenís wishes from the god. That they wanted to have a birthday party once in a lifetime. The god pities the children. Then send someone to help the children fulfill. Servant of heaven down to earth to help the children.

In the morning, when the children woke up. The children were surprised because their wish come true. They saw the servant and they are confident that the god was sent her. Firstly, they start with cleaned the house they organized everything was a mess. Second the servant magical balloons and streamers, etc to decorate the house with. Then they put up the streamers with tape and hung the balloons all over the walls and on the fans and doors and windows. Lastly they prepare equipment to do the cake. The children are very excited because this is the first time that children will have eaten cake. The servant she spent the whole day in the kitchen to doing cake for the children .After she have just finished baking cake, the cake was in a beautiful shape with colorful fencing and big strawberries. It has a nice fresh smell and sweet, and children started salivating. Itís that funny. Then the children waiting for the sunset to celebrate their birthday.

At midnight, the children sat on each chairs. When the servant puts it down in front of the children, the children feel happy. They put little candles on the cake and then blow it. The best part is first bite. Children feel smooth, warm, and chewy taste of the cake. And children thought like they are in heaven. The children can eat a large cake in one night

Even though the children know this is only one night and last night. The Children will keep good memories in their heart forever. Then the children went to bed with the satisfaction of having enjoyed the best birthday party of their life, and all this thanks to God who wants to see their children happy, and when the children wakes up again, they will find that this is just a dream. It never happened before, because this is ..... The real world.