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Thread: doubt

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    difference between noun phrase and adjective phrase

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    Re: doubt

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Dear Fellow Member Psara:

    I found some information that you may find helpful.

    1. One book * says that a noun phrase is a group of words with a noun as its head ( head = the central word in the group).

    The book gives four examples of noun phrases:

    the name
    an odd name
    the name of the game
    the name [that] he gave

    Can you identify the head? That is, the central noun in those examples? I am sure you chose name.

    I will now use those noun phrases in sentences. These are my sentences, so they are not very good, but I hope they help you get the idea.

    Do you know the name?
    The Parser is an odd name.
    The name of the game is chess.
    The name [that] he gave sounded strange.


    2, Another book ** says that an adjective phrase is a group of words built around an adjective as the head.

    The book lists these examples:

    very polite
    too expensive for me
    taller than John
    not expensive enough.

    Can you identify the head adjective? I am sure that you chose polite/ expensive/taller/expensive.

    Again, I will try to use these in sentences:

    The teacher is very polite.
    Those shoes are too expensive for me.
    I am taller than John.
    She did not like the ring because it was not expensive enough.

    Here is a sentence from that book:

    [She bought] a diamond as big as the Ritz. [The Ritz was a very big hotel.]

    Can you identify the adjective phrase. That is, what group of words is centered around an adjective?
    Well, the book says that it is "as big as the Ritz."

    By the way, what kind of phrase is "a diamond"? Right! A noun phrase.

    Your Fellow Member,


    * The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar (1994) by Ms. Sylvia Chalker and Mr. Edmund Weiner, page 267.

    ** Grammar / A Student's Guide (1994) by Dr. James R. Hurford (University of Edinburgh), page 9.

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