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Metropole Estate in big problems, again.

Metrolpole Estate is known as the problem estate in Orlando. Consecutive bad management and bad committee's over the last 15 years have put a heavy mortgage on their future.

The saga continues, friends there telling me...

Some years ago a European (he is the chaiman now) bought in the name of his wife a very cheap room in this estate at a public auction. However, he did not know what to do with it because of the limitations of the room itself and the rules and laws. The past year he is trying to find a way out for him at the drawback of all other co-owners. Last year he made a deal with the manager to sell this room to the communitee at a ridiculous (more than 5 fold the price he bought) price. It was presented as a future Gym belonging to all.

The manager needed another signature to seal the deal but a committee-member refused to sign and resigned immediately over this. The member found it was ethically and legally not correct that a private unit was sold to the communitee of owners for such a price and without appoval. More, all co-owners had to pay for this man's mistake of buying and all co-owners should have to invest to make a gym of it. Gym in the future used by a few people only. The member resigning stated that if someone wanted to open a gym he should do the investment and marketing just by himself as a private entrepeneur and not loading all those things to the co-owners who were opposed to it. He just wanted to make a lot of money out of it and the gym is the excuse. All thinking the plans were cancelled.

Now that man comes back with the same proposals but backed by yet another (new) committee. He pushed himself up to the chairman just to be able to control and sell his room. The committees are coming and going there like buffalo's. The current committee consists now of 2 ex-managers voted away by the General Meeting before for not being open to the co-owners. To not to say more. No shame at all. Two years ago, at the election of the (again) new manager, the entire committee resigned as they could not identify themselves with a manager with a dubious history. He got elected anyway in a dubious and surprising way. The votes could never be counted again to check ! Last General Meeting, Immigration was invited to scare off all foreigners prior to the opening.

Other proposals are also on the table: new out and inside paint for the building, covered parking, among other things. Chairman speaks that everything depends on the gym: if he cannot sell his room, he has the power to cancell all the rest as well ...! Owners living there can do nothing as a public board or area to vent there griefs is prohibited and never allowed by the consecutive managers and committees.

I have a few friends living over there but they scared and can do nothing.

What can be done to stop those nonsense?