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Thread: Wanted Words

  1. Mattw05

    Wanted Words

    I just wanted to see what kind of works you guys could come up with for the following situations i'm having a bit of trouble, lol
    1) If a great cook is called a gourmet what could you call a dreadful cook?
    2) People who are good with plants are said to have a green thumb, what could you call a person who kills plants?
    3) What can you call it when we think it's spring, but sudenly we get a couple of freezing cold snowly days.
    4) The outside part of a loaf is called crust, what can we call the inside spot?
    5) What can you call a song that sticks in your head all day?

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    Talking Re: Wanted Words

    1) a piss poor cook

    2) can`t really say; it depends on whether they kill the plants on purpose

    3) I`d call it bullsh*t

    4) The Anti-Crust!

    5) annoying

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