Dear Teacher,
I really hope you can help me with my predicament. I have recently finished my CELTA training and I have been applying for an ESOL Tutor to lots of schools now. It seems to be very difficult for people who are not native speakers (like myself) and who do not have over two years of teaching experience. I had begun to lose hope until I received one interview invitation letter on Friday. I was ever so happy because it sounds like my dreamed job. This makes me even more nervous thinking about the coming interview in a week's time. I badly want to pass the interview successfully as the pay is good and the hours too, but most of all because I really badly want to start teaching (I just can't wait anymore :) ) The problem is that I have never had an interview of this nature and although I have stated my experience on my CV, I believe they will expect me to demonstrate a professional approach towards the subject. They mentioned in the letter that I will be required to undertake a 5 minute micro teach covering a relevant topic. I have no idea what this is going to be about. This also makes me nervous as I have learned how to present a lesson in 60min,but never in 5 and therefore I don't know how to approach the matter and what will be expected of me. I will be ever so grateful to you for any tips or ideas that you could help me with. I have already researched possible interview questions and I have started to prepare properly, so next weekend will be time for an intense practice :).

Thank you wholeheartedly for your help and advice!