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There are many things to like about my town I donít know where to start. My town is my family; we all have relation with each other. I lived in a mountain village in Yemen with amazing views of the valley below. Climate is wonderful all year, we donít even need air-condition or heater. After it rain usually you are delighted to amazing view of the rainbow carving around the mounting top forming an arch over it. During raining seasons come fresh grown fruits and veggies and green grass for the cows which provided us with fresh milk everyday. I enjoy eating the different type of cooked food with my family three times a day. Although parents work for the majority of the time, you always have an authority figure at home of an elderly grandfather or grandmother. They nurture childrenís with their experience and shared wisdom as the days went by. Even though there is no hospital or clinic in our town, there are people with knowledge and experiences who offer treatment to the underprivileged and the ill. Midwives offer their service to women during pregnancy, birth, and continue their service there after. Seeing everyone working hard, build the principles of working ethics in children who one day grows up to be the face of society. Thankfully to the elders in my community I have knowledge about farming, astronomy, history and geography. In addition, they taught to always be respectful of others and to value women hard work, because they are a school of values, morals, and principles.
I always enjoy talking to my grandmother, who is wise and very knowledge about astronomy which was necessary for farming during her youth. I learned things from her that I never learned in school, such as knowing which way is north by just looking on the night sky. I first learned about World War II from her, since she always tells us about her father who serves in the British side during the war. My grandfather in the other hand traveled a lot and has visited many places, thus always telling us stories about his adventures and travels as sailor in British ships before he moved to the United States during early 50ís. My father worked in farms to support his other seven siblings after my grandfather was not able to works anymore because of a stroke. My father taught us that hard work always pays off, and we were raised with that mentality. I like my village, because my family live there and its people have taught me principles, morals, and the value of family, which made me to the person who I am today.