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    game plan

    What does this "game plan" mean here?

    ex)Whenever people tell me that they want to be leaders, I ask why..It is very easy to move from being a serving leader to being a self-serving one. I say this because one of the qualities that all good leaders have is the ability to assess situations very quickly and come up with a game plan. They may not be smarter than others, but they are often quicker. How is that a problem? Since leaders can evaluate quickly, they are often in a position to take care of their own needs first...

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    Re: game plan

    In sport, the tactics that a team decides to use before the game even starts is referred to as a "game plan". It's basically just a plan of action. The term has travelled from sport and is now used in a lot of other areas of life, such as business and politics or even personal relationships. It's important in the example you give for the people to be able to evaluate a situation and come up with their "game plan" very quickly. They don't have time to sit down and think about alternatives and discuss it with others. Speed is of the essence. They have to be able to look at everything quickly and then think "OK, I know what I'm going to do".
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