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    Should it be:

    She recommends that he sees the doctor.


    She recommends that he see the doctor.


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    Re: Recommend

    EX: She recommends that he see the doctor.


    The subjunctive mood is used in dependent clauses that do the following:

    1) express a wish;
    2) begin with if and express a condition that does not exist (is contrary to fact);
    3) begin with as if and as though when such clauses describe a speculation or condition contrary to fact; and
    => 4) begin with that and express a demand, requirement, request, or suggestion.

    She wishes her boyfriend were here.
    If Juan were more aggressive, he'd be a better hockey player.
    We would have passed if we had studied harder.
    He acted as if he were guilty.
    I requested that he be present at the hearing

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