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    Question Are you feeling alright?

    Dear all, Happy New Year~~!

    There is a question:

    Are you feeling alright?
    a. Iím feeling airsick.
    b. I had a bad dream last night.
    c. My heart is broken.

    The book suggests choice A is the correct one. However, I feel B and C is also possible, because it can be "I had a bad dream last night, so I don't feel good now" or "My heart is broken, so I don't feel good now." The book says the reason why B and C is incorrect is because "feeling alright" is only to do with your physical health, but "bad dream" and "heart broken" are not "physical health", so the two choices would be right, if the question were "Are you alright?" or "Do you feel alright?" Nevertheless, since I have never read a grammar book discussing about this and the writer isn't a native speaker. I'd like to make sure if the suggestion is right.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Are you feeling alright?

    All are perfectly fine, but a. is the better choice because it directly answers the question "Are you feeling alright? (i.e., how's your health)." Speakers often use that question as a way of politely asking if everything is OK. That is, even if you know the person isn't ill, it's more polite to ask about their physical health than to ask about their emotional state of mind (i.e., mental health). If it's the person's emotional state that's in question, one might use "Is everything OK?"

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