To Whom It May Concern:

I am applying for teaching placements within my program. I could use some constructive criticism on my letter of motivation and grammar. The following is my main draft:

Letter of Motivation

It’s a difficult task to pinpoint the exact moment I realized where my future began. Did its spark of creation ignite during story time in Mrs. Merrit’s second grade classroom, where I listened with anticipation to a story about the friendship between a tiny barn spider and a “humble” pig? Could it have been in Ms. York’s third grade reading circle, where I sat bright eyed listening to the daily struggles of the Ingalls Family and their “little house on the prairie”?

Perhaps, my destined path materialized much later. Did a strikingly “less humble” pig named Trotsky revolutionize my perceptions and change my worldviews? Perhaps, it was Mrs. Lentz’s Honors English class. Did her passionate speeches about two star-crossed lovers, or a poet who urged us to experience “the very the heartbeat of life”, inspire my dreams? The road to my future was deviated by something much more extraordinary.

After completing high school with high honors and excelling in the areas of English and Media Arts, a life of travel and discovery detoured my conventional pursuit of a higher education. I found little contentment in my Midwest-American surroundings. Reading about fantastic places was simply not enough to satisfy me. I needed to see them for myself.

A boundless world had opened to me and I knew I could never be content with simply reading about and imagining what the world held. I had to live it. From the man-made marvel of Ellis Island’s Statue of Liberty to the vast natural beauty of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to the fatalistic ruins of The Mayan Empire at Palenque to the dense - I have experienced many of the world’s wonders.

My travels have also allowed me to experience the “very heartbeat of life” Mrs. Lentz spoke about. Through a wealth of experiences, educational pursuits, and the occasional hit or miss, I found the pulse of my life’s heartbeat. Teaching.

Throughout the world, I have discovered one constant. It can be found in the remotest Spanish bodega or the most bustling metropolitan area of Tokyo - the English language. There is an undeniable need and demand for English and people to teach it.

As an IDEE student, I seize the opportunities that have unfolded before me and challenge others to realize their destinies. These college years are vital building blocks to the establishment of a bright, majestic future. An academically challenging program and an even more challenging placement is a welcomed comfort.

The path to my future is clear. I want to begin my career as a middlebare school teacher. I desire to impress upon my students the importance of the English language and inspire them through literature. I want to relate my journey to them, while helping them to decide what potential journeys await them. I want to challenge and be challenged by them to grow, not only as a teacher, but as a learner.