I wish to continue my study by pursuing Master degree in Public Health with the specialization of Epidemiology. I am currently working as junior researcher for tuberculosis study group in Institute of Tropical Disease, a research center in tropical and infectious disease owned by Airlangga University, Surabaya. My final paper assessed some risk factors of Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya. I want to learn more about epidemiology of infectious disease because we all know that it is still become a threats for Indonesian people, therefore I believe study about infectious disease needs to be well established and there is a need in preparing the best quality researchers to lead every projects related to it. My research plan for my thesis is about the epidemiology of tuberculosis among diabetic patients. It is very interesting because both, tuberculosis and diabetes are the leading health problem in Indonesia that may lead to double burden of disease. I believe that by understanding the current condition of the interaction between tuberculosis and one of the co-morbidity factors (diabetes) will help to set a new standard in handling tuberculosis patients that complicate by co-morbidity factors.

Based on my working experience here, almost all of the researchers in our study group are coming from medical school so they only concern on diagnostic and development of vaccine for Tuberculosis, but I believe that research related to Tuberculosis and any other infectious disease should be about 5 major areas which are epidemiological research, advancement in diagnostic method, development of new candidate for vaccine, development of alternative treatment, and also assessment in health system. The importance of leading epidemiological research itself is to determine the burden of disease and also to identify the biological, environmental and social factors that may affect transmission of a disease in population. So I see that the status quo right now is the chance for me to make my move.

I believe that United States is the perfect place for me to pursue my master degree. It has such a great educating system and academic atmosphere. Experts in public health were gathered in United States and I wish to gain a deeper understanding about epidemiological research from them. As far as I am concern, United States has also become the leader in public health development proved by remarkable researches during 20th century where the vaccination program of many infectious diseases such as polio, diphtheria, small pox, etc. has been successfully established. One of remarkable researches in tuberculosis that caught my attention is the correlation between Vitamin-D exposure and immune response to Tuberculosis. It suggests the endemic country to do Vitamin-D supplementation in order to press the occurrence or re-occurrence of people with active TB, of course after proved by clinical trials.

I would like to be a lecturer in and epidemiological researcher in Airlangga University on my returning home. With Airlangga University’s mission as the first health science center in Indonesia, I believe that degree in Epidemiology would be beneficial because Epidemiology plays very important role in health sector because epidemiological information can be the basic consideration for decision making in health sector.