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    CELTA last minute advice

    I'm going to take CELTA (in London) on Monday.I'm very nervous.Although I have read so many books but it seems like I remember nothing.Teaching practice will start on Thursday and I really don't understand that I will be able to teach the topic they assign or not. I don't know much about lesson plans etc.So how I am going to manage lessons there.Grammar is so vast that I don't think I remember each ad every topic on fingertips.
    I would like to know, how is it for non natives speakers with very little experience?
    Please help!
    Many thanks in advance...

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    Re: CELTA last minute advice

    I can't speak from personal experience as a non-native speaker trainee, but as a trainer I worked with many non-native speakers. Most were, like you, understandably nervous, but most soon overcame this. Many had a better knowledge of English grammar that their native-speaking colleagues, and many showed a better understanding of the problems facing thier students. In any case, you will not be expected, even at the end of the course, to understand every single aspect of English grammar. I have been interested in English grammar for more than fifty years, have studied it in some depth, and have written on some aspects - and I still don't know everything. You will be guided on your course to an understanding of the essentials.

    Remember that most of your fellow trainees, whether they are native speakers or not, will have as little knowledge of lesson plans as you. The first observed lesson is a terrifying experience for most people, whether they have taught before or not, so you are not alone. I would estimate that fewer than 1% of the trainees on courses I was involved with dropped out or were failed because of their inability to cope with the course - and over half of them were native speakers.

    The fact that you have been accepted on a CELTA course tells us that the institution delivering the course is fairly confident of your ability to get though.

    Good luck.

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