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    maturita 3 - shopping

    Hi ,
    I am here again and I need other correction of a text. Please.... This is one of the topics at my graduation. I will be examined this Thursday from shopping (this is what I wrote) and I will have to talk about it (not read it), so if it seems weird to you to say: "First of all I will tell you this and that" at the beginning, you're right, but I won't probably say the same I wrote down. Anyway, my teacher finds it much better to say what I am going to talk about firrst...

    The account isn't written just well (I'm talking about stylistics), but, to tell the truth, I am quite lazy to rewrite it or to write more and with better end.


    First of all I am going to tell you about various ways of shopping and its dis/advantages.
    Secondly I am going to talk about shopping over the internet and at finally I will describe shopping at a typical shop or supermarket.

    There are many ways of shopping and everyone does shops the way he or she wants. We can go shopping to large supermarkets and department stores or to smaller specialized shops, stalls and in streets, or to a fair. Each way of shopping has its advantages and disadvantages.
    The shops specialized in some extra goods (e.g. the stationery sells paper products and office supplies, the greengrocer’s specializes in fruit and vegetables, the confectioner (sweet/candy shop) specializes in sweet and ice-cream, the lingerie in underwear, the ironmonger’s sells various metal goods (tools, pots, pans, nails, screws…) etc.) may often have bigger range of products and goods than supermarkets that don’t have any specializations. Shop assistents in smaller shops might behave more friendly, but just “might“ – it’s not a rule; to tell the truth, I don’t like shopping in small shops just because of the shop assistents. They perhaps try to act nice, but still are watching even the smallest motion you do and somebody might feel quite embarrased when rejecting for example some clothes or shoes that don’t fit you.
    On the other hand, some people need advice whether the clothes fits or whether it’s better to buy a chair or an armchair, and shop assistents are here just for them.
    Other ways of shopping are represented by flea markets or car boot sales.

    There are two kinds of people: some love and some hate shopping. I myself belong among those who don‘t just like shopping more. How can someone like shopping when he or she still watches the prize and can’t buy what he or she likes? Also, another reason why I don’t usually like shopping is the fact that I (when I am in a clothes shop) don’t have just the best figure and am too thin and when I try 5 T¨shirts on and any of them doesn’t fit me, it makes me unhappy and stressed.
    Mostly women love shopping. I know people who would spend all day in a shop. However, I don’t understand it. Some people just like to go browsing things without buying anything.
    This modern consumer society is based on shopping, in my opinion. Many families go shopping at the weekends or on Fridays to big malls and spend much money and time there. I must admit that my family sometimes go shopping in this way too. Although I dony’t just love it as I said, it’s not so bad sometimes. We wouldn’t go shopping in this way if we could go shopping also in the town where we live. Of course, we can do some shopping in our place too, but in my opinion, there aren’t enough shops with bigger variety of goods in my small (but nice) town. Most of the shops are “occupied“ by Vietnamese shop-keepers and I don’t find quality of their products just great and range of the products is very poor and insuffiecient.
    Of course, there aren’t only these shops in my town, but sometimes prefer shopping in a mall as everything is nearby. But shopping in beautiful, almost historical streets with nice architectonical style is more pleasant. I don’t like the decorations in malls and during Christmas time malls are even too florist.
    It is sometimes better to go shopping to bigger towns because of insufficiency (want of) goods in shops in small towns. For instance, there are about 5 or 6 bookshops in my town, but all of them are mostly very small. When I need or want a book they don’t have at the store I either have to go to buy it to Brno, Prague or just a bigger town, or order it through the shop or over the internet.

    It’s a much discussed topic: shopping over the internet – does it have more advantages or disadvantages? I think there are more advantages. Of course, I wouldn’t buy clothes or some other goods over the internet if I didn’t see (and fit – speaking about clothes) them in my real life, by my own eyes. I can have a look at them in a shop and then buy it on the internet much cheaper. However, you have to pay for the delivery; but if you buy more things in one on¨line shop, the discount is going to prevail the postal delivery.
    Of course, it’s a nonsense to buy for example vegetables over the internet. On-line shops offer only some types of products (anyway, I think you can order almost anything including Chinese food or pizzas, but you have to pay more).

    When shopping in a shop or a supermarket you take a basket or a trolley (shopping cart) and choose goods you want. If you want to buy clothes, you can try them on in changing rooms. Then you go to the cash-desk and pay either by cash or by a debit or credit card. Some shops offer also point cards – discounts (reduction on prize) and sales for some goods. You can get the card if you do shopping in the shop often or if you buy goods for big values of money.

    In modern developed economies, many people don’t actually see the money that they earn and spend. Their money is simply a number in the bank, which can be electonically transfered from place to place to pay debts or to buy things.
    Electronics payments is beginning to spread to new economies like the Czech Republic, but paying by cash still prevails in my country and in many other parts of the world.

    The cashier counts the bar codes of goods you chose and gives you a bill, invoice or a receipt. You should keep the bill if you bought some expensive products such as electronical appliances, clothes, and perhaps some household utensils and equipment – if you find a failure or a damage later out, you can reclaim it and demand a refund or an exchange (replacement) of the good (or reapir if it’s reparable, of course).

    To sum up, I think there is a variety of means of shopping and everyone can choose the one he or she prefers. Shopping is an everyday part of our lives and I think there is no place on the Earth where people don’t shop at all.

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    Re: maturita 3 - shopping

    and its dis/advantages- their (ways not shopping)
    and at finally- delete at
    The shops specialized in some extra goods- Shops specialising in particular goods
    the lingerie- the lingerie shop
    behave more friendly- be more friendly
    I don’t find quality - find quality in
    spend much money- a lot of (we don't use 'much' in the positive very often)
    are even too florist- too flowery? have too many flowers/floral decorations
    by my own eyes- with my own eyes
    in one on¨line- an online shop
    the discount is going to prevail the postal delivery- inclear do you mean that the delivery charges wil wipe out the discount?
    for big values of money- large sums of money
    cashier counts the bar codes- reads the barcodes
    Electronics payments is- are

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    Re: maturita 3 - shopping

    Thank you!
    But I still have a few questions connected with your correction...

    1) are even too florist- too flowery? have too many flowers/floral decorations
    ---> I actually meant "florid" or "gaudy" - are these adjectives possible to use in the context?

    2) in one on-line shop - an online shop
    ---> I actually wanted to say "in just one (not two or three) shop" - why do I have to use indefinite article instead of the number?

    3) the discount is going to prevail the postal delivery- inclear do you mean that the delivery charges wil wipe out the discount?
    ---> I see, I din't use the right verb... Can I also say:" the discount is going to wipe out the delivery charges"?

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    Re: maturita 3 - shopping

    1- use 'gaudy'
    2- we rarely use a number like that unless we are counting or answering how many- there's no need
    3- Yes, but I'd use 'will'

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