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(Recommended for listening as a background Ė The Cult Ė State of Independence)

History Ė itís as a long line through the time and space. Series that unites events, occurrences, peopleís lives in equal instantís frames, like a film in film projector. This science will be eternal; line for researching is endless in both ways of line and will grow always. Dim past, as a mosaic, from year to year opens it secrets by parts under the pressure of new technologies; more clearly present continuously records days and events in history. But history is not two-dimensional by own structure, as every science she has depth as well. Line of well-known history seemed quite full of incredible details, capable of not only just to clear up the essence of one or another event, but even radically change the fixed notion in manís head of concrete time and place, image that was industriously created by well-known facts. Trite thing in that case can be transformed into the combination of very incredible phenomenons which was actually situated in our head as an incoherent set of small parts, superficially marked during everyday life. Itís only necessary to find the catalyst and all that mass of details will start to gather into wonderful picture with unusual sense for us. At this moment man is realizing another knowledge based on a personal analysis but not on opinions forced from outside.
Our world is divided by the person into imaginary borders, which separates him from others like him. The least difference always creates borders, that is how the manís mind is organized. But just as this, this mind divides the greater from smaller by creating borders inside the borders, searching of somebody like him and dividing all distinctive from him. Thatís how the states and the societies arises. But do the all states seek so much to realize themselves only in their borders? Some yes, some no, the answer for this question Iíll try to disclose in the cycle of historical works dedicated to different states and regions.
This is the first publication in that cycle, that is trying to disclose of interpretation and essence of United States of America, speaking precisely Ė of people, that were creating this public union, psychology and motivations of these diverse persons, united by idea into one unit.
Firstly letís answer a simple question Ė what do we know about this state? United States Ė large different territory from ocean to ocean; British ex-colony, which united all major nations of colonization time on her own territory. Whose spirit; whose mentality was imbibed by this various combination of nations? Answer for this question is lies on a surface. Modern festivals, myths, cult characters and ethnic music of this state is clearly shows us on the basis of that culture, which became the basis of new world. Quite popular festival of St. Patrick, presence of Leprechauns in many mythical stories and fairytales, route 66, gin and whiskey, country playing on banjo Ė all of this to the same extent is the basis of the culture which is not so much for the USA, how many for the Ireland, which gave them this culture.
It was exactly Ireland, that was oppressed part of British Empire at times of USA colonization, which became the main supplier of settlers force. Irish had formed main stratum of landowners-southerners, which, in spite of loss in civil war, succeeded in absolutely another thing, more important in cultural-psychological meaning, which had become the basis of new stateís culture.
At this book I had presented 9 small stories, which are not associated by content in any way, but equal in meaning; reflected through the prism of time or through eyes of those who fell as a prey of growing ambitions of United States at period of their formation. All of them presenting the free description of art of widespread opinions about one or another events and does not aspire to the truth in scientific meaning of word Ė their task is only to render the spirit of that time in which they are situated. The First 5 stories will present for your attention a number of historical events, which are reflecting the growing of new nation. The first 5 stories will present for your attention a number of historical events, which are reflecting the growing of new nation. The way from origination of civilization in these wild places, faceless, presenting only integral remote part of England, before origination in that colonies of own mixed aggressive culture, birth of new Celtic child, which was conceived from mother-Ireland and father with mixed blood of all worldís nations. Rebellious Celtic spirit of child was starting to become apparent by first years of equal public formation's existence, which firstly tried to win over advantageous territories of native population and which afterwards turned own anger on the parent. Independence and hot-tempered aggression, which was holding on by force of English in Ireland, here in far lands had succeeded to overcome the resistance of powerful empire. Child rose on oneís own feet and didnít want to listen of others directions about his own life. So 13 American colonies had found their independence and had continued own growth, widening in borders and alienating aboriginal population from newly arrived population more and more.
Here as it appeared that it was only the beginning. At this moment was started swift process of maturation, reflected in next 4 stories. Have found oneself independent the child did not lose oneís head, he proved to be a clever guy and was starting to consolidate borders of own world, not taking into consideration with principles and wishes of other young nations. At that time he had reflected his new character trait Ė the unwillingness to be reconciled with otherís freedom and otherís opinion. Youthful maximalism of new nation had united her by rods into single organism and had directed to all visible borders.
Somebody elseís rightness or lack of it didnít worry young state in that case; all this just had not alternatives in stateís plans. The peak of such stateís policy became at 1899, when in Havana was probed the first pattern of childís future conduct in the world arena for more than one next century up to date. At this time United States for the first time had developed own double standards of conduct, maximally reflecting their desires and psychology of stateís conduct. Celtic dragon had risen in new aspect which imbibed in own veins the blood of all world.
At the end of this book you also will find some mini-stories about unordinary facts, which happened on the United States territory in one or another time periods. These stories are represents amusing facts, which are not concerning of main essence of book and therefore they are picked up in separate chapter.
Thus, on these sheets, I have tried to reflect maximally those rare stories which form internal world of United States of America, which in the best way could show motivations and details of their world. Many of these stories represents dramatic, unattractive facts, which are not parade much by state, in view of their cruelty or unfairness, but it is no matter what they were really are according to the contents Ė they are the part and parcel of history and at their time they were not something unordinary in measures of universal world-view of these times. I hope, these stories make it possible for you to understand this state and its nation not from the standpoint of geography, politics or any other theoretical science, but as if itís an usual man sitting in front of you with own rich vital biography, own character and own dreams, that had decided to share with you of own internal experiences over a cup of coffee at the comfy cafť. Probably, you will not agree with something, probably, something will interest you more than usually, I will write about this additionally later in conclusion. Be curious, the ability to estimate world such what it is actually, especially at our century of ubiquitous propaganda and facts distortion Ė is the valuable gift. I wish you pleasant and light reading on that depth, which this book is able to give.