Can anyone please correct or edit my letter? i would highly appreciated if you could guide me this letter.

Dear Sir,
I am Mr ABC working in ........department since .......

I would like to request for your kind support in providing permanent visa for my wife. As to inform you, I am suffering from Uric Acid, for your reference I have enclosed the medical documents with this letter. It is a disease that needs to be taken care by a proper healthy diet. Living with group of people, I am unable to maintain my diet which is hampering my daily work and personal life. Being in marriage for more than four years, I m not able to spend quality time with my wife and expand my fatherhood too. Currently my wife is here in visit is also going treatment in ......We both need each other company, emotionally and physically but my salary doesn’t approve to provide a permanent visa for her. Therefore, I kindly like to request you for a help in granting my wife a permanent visa.

I look forward for your positive response.

Thank you for your valuable time in going through my letter.

Yours sincerely,