I am required to write the staff to require them to attend a foreign language training course. Please help me proofread the letter to make it natural, and acceptable to native speakers. Thank you!

Sep. 21

Dear Managers:
From the requirement of General Manager, we are going to hve a foreign language training for the contract we have recently made with the AMERICAN CHEMICAL CO.LTD. In order to communicate and cooperate with foreign partner, staffs from departments of Business Customer Operating and A/C which are involved in the process of conducting the responsibility of this contract are required to attend.
The training course will start from tomorrow 2 p.m. at the meeting room, and it will start the same time every day until the day before the negotiation meeting with our partner. Our leaning content is about the professional knowledge relating to the contract and daily conversation used in communication.
Staffs attending this training are expected to arrive punctually. Thanks for your attention and cooperation.
Yours sincerely,

Han Meimei