I have an assignment to do a literature research paper. I have started a rough draft and am unsure if I am referencing things properly and if it is flowing well. I would appreciate any feed back. Thank you
Here it goes:
The child and youth care professional role that we have researched is a Youth centre supervisor at the Beaumont Community Youth Centre. The purpose of the role of Youth centre supervisor is best described by Niall McElwee when speaking of Social Care "provision of care, protection, support, welfare, and advocacy for vulnerable or dependent clients . This is achieved through the planning and evaluation of group programs of care that are based on needs . delivered through day-to-day shared life experiences "(McElwee, N. (2003) Finding identity in family work: Community Child-Care Workers in Ireland. In. Garfat, T. A Child and you Care Approach to Working with Families. New York: Haworth). This description of Social Care can be directly compared to the role of the Youth centre supervisor. The responsibilities carried while in this position are varied. They can include as indicated by The Edge Youth Rec Centre (2010):
Planning and administering regular programming and special events for the Youth Centre, being responsible for the creation of procedures for the day to day operations and activities of the Youth Centre for review and approval by the Recreation Coordinator. The supervisor is expected to protect the assets (equipment, materials, etc) of the Youth Centre from theft, damage and vandalism. Represent the interest of the Youth Centre within the Township by participating in various youth oriented activities and events. Submit regular reports and night logs to the Recreation Coordinator and attend various meetings that occur during the course of the year. Practice and maintain appropriate Health and Safety standards and practices as required in his/her areas of responsibility. Evaluate the different programs and activities taking place at the Youth Centre in conjunction with the Recreation Coordinator, and make recommendations for improvements. Provide supervision and support to children utilizing the Youth Centre. (para. 2.)
The client population served in this role is indicated by the town of Beaumont (2010) of having a member ship of 550 from the ages of 12-17. (para. 2) Postsecondary education is a requirement for this role as indicated by The Edge Rec Centre. (2010)

As with most positions within the child and youth care field the advantages and challenges come with the job. A few advantages in this child and youth care role are being able to have a positive influence on the lives of children and youth. The opportunity to provide a youths only positive moment in their day is one worth taking. The challenge is that it can be very chaotic at times, especially with very large groups. Also, sometimes there will be children there that simply need a place to be and will not open up to help. It will be a challenge to get to know those children in a way that encourages them to open up if ever.

One of the five key elements in child and youth care work is focusing on the growth and development of children and youth. The knowledge of this element is shown when planning group programs for the clients at the centre. It is imperative that the facilitator is aware of their client age group and being able to have an activity that is purposeful for their age. Being aware of the children and youths behaviours as they interact, play and learn with the other children and youth is displaying the concern of the totality of a child's functioning. A social competence perspective, rather than a pathology based orientation to child development is demonstrated when being very positive and encouraging towards the children and youth coming to the centre. You may be one of the very few who give them positive feedback and it is essential to celebrate the small victories because of this. With the Beaumont Youth Centre being a drop-in centre the youth will often come in simply as day-to-day routine. With this opportunity the supervisor is allowed the chance to deliver group programs to the youth on a consistent basis. Doing these positive activities help the child to learn how to have healthy relationships, making their relationship with the client a therapeutic relationship.

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