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    reaching the pinnacles of power

    What does this "reaching the pinnacles of power" mean? Does it mean the people who are at the high status of the society?

    ex)Through the 60's and 70's, crime surged. People in all classes lived in fear...But for those who grew up in or near an Americancity in the 1970s, this disorder was bound to leave a permanent mark. It was bound to shape the peopl, now in their 40s and early-50s, reaching the pinnacles of power. It has clearly influenced parenting. The people who grew up afraid to go in parks at night now supervise their own children with fanatical attention...

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    Re: reaching the pinnacles of power

    It means those people in the positions of political command, economic dominance and the like (high-position politicians, owners of major companies, etc).


    PS: See some pinnacles to get a grasp of the metaphor used in the paragraph.
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