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    Meaning of stick off

    What does "Stick off (stuck off)" mean? Thanks

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    Re: Meaning of stick off

    Quote Originally Posted by JustAlilBit View Post
    What does "Stick off (stuck off)" mean? Thanks
    It doesn't mean anything.

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    Re: Meaning of stick off

    It's difficult to say without the context. Most likely, it is from something that was written incorrectly, but some valid usages could exist. For example, if someone had become stranded at sea due to a problem with the engine in his boat, one could say he was "stuck off the coast" or "stuck off shore," but even that would not really be using "stuck off" as a single entity. Also, I can think of no examples where "stick off" would be used - not unless one REALLY reached and said something like "keep that stick off the table." One other possibility could come from hearing, instead of reading, and that would be from hearing "stick up" (robbery) or "stuck up" (conceited) incorrectly. Again, that's quite a reach.

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