This is a task from a past CAE exam. I would cordially appreciate it if anyone could check this piece for mistakes and give an opinion about it.

If you were able to travel back to any place and time in history, where and when would you choose? Describe what you might experience and tell us why you would choose this particular place and time. The most interesting entry will be published in the next issue.

Write your competition entry in 220-260 words.

Travelling back in time
I suppose everyone has dreams and fantasies about travelling back in time and doing unordinary things. Well, I am no exception. I find history fascinating and have read many books about history since I was a kid. I have been especially interested in topics regarding World War Two. One event that I have always found particularly compelling is the Warsaw Uprising.
It took place in August and September of 1944. The purpose of the revolt against German oppressors was to liberate the capital Warsaw, after years of terror and intimidation. I often wish I could go back to that time and take part in that so romantic, yet hopelessly tragic campaign. I would probably be one of those regular soldiers, full of passion and enthusiasm, who having anticipated the moment of revenge for so long, fight ferociously till death. The casualties in Warsaw Uprising were so high that it is unlikely I would have survived it. Nonetheless, I would regard it as an honour to die in glory among the ruins of the devastated city.
I think such fantasies reflect a deeper yearning for doing something idealistic, but which is completely out of reach. Taking part in a war for my homeland is what I consider it to be. It is a longing of a romantic soul for something significant and meaningful. Those dreams unveil the nostalgia after the lost world, the world of adventures, battles and skirmishes. It is something not possible to experience these days.