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    having been

    I have a question about "having been" in the dictionary entry as follows -

    attendee (n) a person that is joining an event, usually having been invited to do so

    Why do they use "having been"? Can I say it in any other words?
    Is it common to use in everyday speech or is it just because it is a dictionary explanation?

    Can you give me some more examples?


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    Re: having been

    "Having been invited" is a perfect passive participle formed by "having been" plus the past participle of "to invite." Since it is using the passive voice, the sentence could be improved (and your confusion eliminated) by saying: attendee (n) a person that is joining an event, usually by invitation This doesn't change the passive voice to the active voice, but just gets rid of the problem by different phrasing with the same meaning.


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