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    [...Dialogues?] Proofreading

    Dear all,

    I am a member of Ifrit, a Polish modder group. We create modifications for video games. We don’t receive any money for it, we work non-profit. Several of our mods for The Witcher have been included in the latest boxed game edition which is the proof of their high quality. We publish our works for free, they have been downloaded over 250,000 times.

    We're seeking someone who can proofread our translations of the adventure's dialogues. Our great desire is to publish an update with the English version, because very many people don't understand Polish and want to play it too.

    The Crossroads is our biggest adventure. Here you can watch its trailer -> The Crossroads Teaser - YouTube

    Here is a small part of what we've done:
    I hate my life…
    Why aren't those empty shelves filled up with some weaponry, blacksmith?
    My eagerness for work is also empty, my lord. What's thy name, if I may ask. I haven't seen you around the village.
    Geralt. A witcher.
    A witcher, you say? Ah. If I got a nickel for every time I heard from the travelling story-tellers about one of your kind, dear sir, I'd have a nice heap of nickels right now. You slay monsters, do you?
    It kind of boils down to it.
    I don't have any work for you. Talk to the village leader, or Olog. There are no monsters that I know of.
    Oh, it's you… I'm all ears, mister witcher.
    I'm here because of your son.
    I understand… You're fed up with looking for him. I don't blame you, everybody quits after some time.
    Not at all, blacksmith. I found Rachen.
    Wh… what? But how? Is he alive?
    No, I'm sorry.
    After so many years… and it finally happened. I was living a dream.
    Tell me, what happened to him.
    You don't want to know.
    He's not coming back, Breugen. I'm sorry. You have to go on with your life.
    You're… right. I… I want to be left alone, witcher.
    So long, blacksmith.
    There are no words which can describe how grateful I am, witcher. Take this fine piece of blade… You deserved more, but that's all I got. Thank you.
    They told me what you did for us. For the villagers…
    What are you talking about, blacksmith?
    The weaponry, you gave us the whole transport of them. You can tell, it's a mass production, but the steel is first grade.
    Ah, true. Use it well.
    I wish to thank you, witcher. You did more than I'd done for all those years. Should I have kept on working, we would be ready now.
    So get back to your work.
    That I told you, sir, I can't. I can't do it… Unless…
    I'll look for the boy, you have my word. But I don't promise any results.
    Thank you, sir. I'll be waiting for your news.
    Hopefully there's somebody kind that will be willing to help us ;) I have no idea, wherever else I could ask...

    Best wishes,

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    Re: [...Dialogues?] Proofreading

    Hi Flubber, you can contact me on here if you want

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    Re: [...Dialogues?] Proofreading

    Did you still need someone to proofread for this?


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