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    Wink How can I write more better in this mail

    This is a email that I am ready to send to my supervisor.
    Please kindly check the grammar of the mail. How can it be presented better?
    In addition I would like to ask what professional vocabularies that I can use for instead of the simple one?
    Thanks so much.

    Here's the mail content.
    ================================================== ================

    Dear XXX,

    Refer to the dicussion about "turn-off computer when leaving office" between us in last thursday,
    I have deeply deliberated about that and made some conclusions.

    I realize that a principal of an office are keeping tidy and clean,
    so I agree to tidy up my stuffs from my desk can build a fresh appearance...but how about laptop?

    The basic question is: I have a laptop on my desk at the office. I use it all day.
    When I go home for the night, should I turn off the laptop or leave it running?
    This is not a simple question to answer because there are so many different factors involved in the decision in most cases.

    Let's dicuss with it.

    For Convenience and Efficiency:

    Many people who run multiple applications at a time, having to reboot the laptop every morning is a pain in the rear end.
    It can take me a good 10 minutes in the morning to boot my machine and get my working environment set up the way I like it. It's completely low efficiency to my work.
    For reference, please read the list in bottom part of mail.

    Also, I like to run maintenance tasks during the weekend while I am at home work.
    The maintenance tasks are essential that to keep my system clean and prevent for data loss.
    In addition, this helps my laptop run as fast as it can and improve the efficiency on my work. (although it is not so fast since the model is a bit rusty)
    I will concede that not turning off the laptop because I don't want to restart all my applications may be laziness on my part, but it is a significant reason why I leave my machines on overnight.

    Power Consumption:

    Leaving my laptop running when I am not using it wastes electricity. That's a fact, so I won't sugar-coat it.
    On the other hand, it doesn't waste that much electricity since I leave the monitor off (which everyone should be doing anyway).
    I can also use power management to reduce the amount of electricity used during idle periods.
    Therefore, I think this is not a main concern to leave my laptop on overnight.

    Thermal Stress:

    After my laptop has been off for many hours the components will be at room temperature.
    When the laptop is turned on, the components will heat up, sometimes to much higher temperatures than 30'C, causing them to expand.
    Then when I turn off the laptop they cool down again, and contract.
    This cycle of heating and cooling causes thermal stress in the components that make up the laptop, and is a leading cause of system failure
    (this is also what normally causes light bulbs to fail, which is why they usually pop when you turn them on, and not out of the blue).
    Leaving the laptop on all the time greatly reduces thermal stress, which can lead to increased life for the system.
    Strange as it may seem, most components last longer if I leave then running 24 hours a day for years than if I leave them off for 15 hours a day and on for only 9.

    Overheating in server room:

    You have suggested me to place my laptop in server room if I remains tasks for remote access when leaving office,
    I found that its not so possible to do this because the high tempertaure killed my laptop and all processes are loss in the next morning when I get back to office.
    In fact that our office building will turn off the air conditioning at night. If the room temperature is about 30'C at night, the laptop will be quite warm in the morning when the power comes on.
    In this case, there may be risking the system overheating by leaving it running at night in server room. (my laptop is not so tough as the server)
    After long reflection I decided withdraw my laptop from server room and turn it off during this weekend and therefore no maintenance and remote work (inside my laptop) can be operate.

    Below is the list of applications or services that are long term running:
    It is convenient and effective on using the existing applications and configurations against with involved project use in my laptop.

    Web Server testing environment for involved project use
    -Oracle database
    -DB2 database
    -MySQL database
    -Web Vulnerability scanners (scan and generate reports need extremely entire time)
    -other tiny programs need to be test for project use (included configured settings and files)

    Remote Access for work at anywhere
    -other remote applications

    This piece of works are rather time consuming and not effective if install and configure again with these applications into VMs and via VPN to access it.
    (VM => OS => Drivers => Downloads => Apps => Configure => Test => Verify)
    And there's a possible risk for the failure of configuration file dependencies between the existed laptop OS configuration environment and VM one.
    The simple example is the version of applications updated and therefore the configuration setting, older version distribution, pattern and paths may changed or removed.

    In addition, I am also not recommend to install into home's desktop machine.
    For example, my home host a web server under apache. There will be at least slight differences in the setting of configuration file.
    The duplicated file cannot just simple replace the one I used for the project since the web service are running as well.
    I am sure that it will encounter errors and corrupt the data if I force to do it. In case, databases are the same.

    As a result, I hope you can comprehend my situation and have some arrangements or approaches to due with the above issues.

    I realize that this will increase your efforts. I apologize if I said something too narrow and let you down...
    Because, I would like to have a more effective approach and more tightening on my work so I write this mail.
    Not for any things, just for a more efficient working environment..=]

    Sorry for making you all so exhausted after reading so many words.
    Please feel free to chat with me if there's any problem.^_^
    Also, I am welcome to all of you to dicuss and give some recommendations regard this thread.



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    You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”
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    Re: How can I write more better in this mail

    is there anyone can help me?...
    Thanks a lot!

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