Describe someone you know who made a wrong decision.
You should say:
who the person was
what the situation was
what decision they made
and explain why you think it was the wrong decision.

One of my dear friends Sarah pops up in my mind in terms of wrong decision taker. Sarah is married and settled in USA currently. She had a hard time convincing her parents to marry her boy friend who wishes to settle in USA. Her parents argued that your career and family life will not be more beautiful in India. They insisted to think ten times before she takes her final decision. Her parents' even seek help from her friends to convince her to settle in India rather risking everything in USA. Today she regrets that decision; she has a normal family life and mother of a kid. Her husband doesn't wish to settle back in India. She has to manage everything from raising kid to cooking and cleaning house to manage groceries etc. She could had all luxuries in India, a maid to clean home, she might have been a working mother as nanny or family members can take care of her kid while she is working. She calls her life as "prison or punishment" but that is the curse of wrong decision. She can't change now as she loves her husband and kid a lot. From my thinking she neglected the advice by her parents to think ten times before taking final decision. I think she could have made wiser decision rather than impulsive life changing wrong decision.