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    Ka Kider Guest

    Nouns/Questions-Help Plz

    May i ask what is a...

    Subject pronoun

    object pronoun

    and what is the object of a preposition

    Thx, Ka Kider :)

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    Ka Kider Guest

    tell me when i should use who and when i should use whom

    thx,Ka Kider =)

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    I like Mary. She is a smart girl :) she = subject pronoun.

    Even Mary is smart, I don't like her :( her = object pronoun.

    He is the man who did this to me. ( who is the relative pronoun of nominative )

    He is the man whom I met the other day. ( whom is the relative pronoun of accusative )

    Hopefull, my memory serves me right on these rules :)

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    Ka Kider Guest
    Thx =)

    Thx for the help

    Thx, Ka Kider

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