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    English essay


    this is English essay and i need to accomplish soon. i want to know this assay is clear enough to hand it in to my professor. i wish you could look over and give my some corrections or mistakes i have done on this assay. this essay has to be one page.

    Selfishness Accomplishes Nothing
    When you argue, putting your own story in the place of others is selfish. “And ain’t I a woman?” (Truth, 1), why would you say that? When you argue something that is far beyond just you, never limit it to just yourself. Such a weak argument you have made. Everyone’s life is tough; you are not the judge of if your life was tougher than another’s. Do you argue for yourself, argue for another man or woman that is going through similar consequences, or are you saying you can’t live without your happiness. A sick form of jealousy forms when you cannot be happy when your brothers and sisters become happy? Can you not just let yourself go? Bring yourself to leave your happiness out and put forward a friend or family member, maybe even a boy on the street. Never just say I’m not happy, fix it. You make people dislike you, “I have borne thirteen children… none but Jesus heard me!” (Truth, 2) Many slaves have had it worse; they have to see their children work to the bone, and die in front of them. You need to get over yourself if you truly wish to make a change.
    It’s rather simple, if you wish to make a change for something larger than you, you must exclude yourself, and give a plethora of examples of how hard your brothers and sisters have it. In order for action to be taken, those who you argue need to understand that you can argue for your whole life, and that you will fight for other people’s freedoms in place of your own. You cannot expect change unless you know the change that has to occur everywhere, where you can only understand the change when it happens to you.

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    Re: English essay

    You must give some context for this essay.
    I'm not a teacher, but I write for a living. Please don't ask me about 2nd conditionals, but I'm a safe bet for what reads well in (American) English.

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