I am a 16 year old girl studying in 10 th grade. This is my last year of secondary education. I am from a tiny nation in the Indian Ocean. The country is well known for its natural beauty. I am quite taller than my friends. I do not wear eye glasses but I like to wear contact lenses. My friends say that I have a beautiful black eyes and a bronzed skin. I usually wear loose fitting dresses. I have a long black hair but you can't see my hair as I am wearing a veil. I like to be alone sitting in front of my computer screen whole day. My mum always yells at me because of this.
I live in a three bedroom cottage with my family and a loving kitten at the seaside of Ihavandhoo with a fabulous view of the horizon. It takes half an hour to go to school from my home. So I prefer a bus to go to school rather than walking. Earlier I used to go with my dad in his cycle. But because of his busy schedule he can't take me to school. Some days I get late and miss the bus. On those days dad takes me to school. I love to go to school with my dad.
My mum is always busy doing household chores and taking care of kids at home. So she rarely takes care of me and spends time with me. Well, I don't care much about that sort of things. For me studying is number one priority.
I always love to owe a pet. So always there will be a cat in my house. Last Friday my dad bought me a cat. It is very beautiful with its gold colored fur. I call it Pandora. I usually feed it before going to school and after coming back from the school at 3 pm. When going outside I keep the cat in my room where there is a small bunk bed for the cat.
I am not bad at studying. From at the very beginning of my studying my aim is to become software programmer. Especially I have a very much interest in studying java. It may be because that my bro is also a programmer. I always see him doing interesting stuffs with programming languages. At the school, I always score high marks in computer studies and it is my favorite subject of all.
I hope my life will be happier in the near future. That sounds really interesting. I wish i could fulfill my dream of becoming a programmer. So that my family will be proud of me.