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    Forest are the lungs of Earth

    Forest are the lungs of earth.Destruction of the world's foresr amounts to death of the world we currently know to what extend do you agree or disagree?

    = Generally speaking,forest are the lungs of the Earth.Forest give us fresh air and such as a main things like food,oxygen,wood and many more things.Human are destroyed the forest because of they needed and it is a really nuclear problem for earth.

    In addition,forest are the lungs of the earth because in human body lungs provide energy by absorb the oxygen and produce the carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen and this cycle called ''photosynthesis''.Furthermore,forest are the main path for rain and because of forest our earth cycle change the atmosphere and that is why human and animals are live in earth.Therefore,forest are the lungs of the earth if it should be destroyed than our world
    would be shattered.On the other hand,oxygen is the main part of to create ozone rays and ozone rays protect the earth surface from direct rays of the sun.Sun direct rays should be harmfull for human and for animals.

    In contrast,we can see that there are many disasters like natural,human made,earthquake,volcano and many more disasters are all depends on our earth tempreture and natural cylcle.While,there are any distrubance create in natural cylcle then it should create any types of disastes.For instance,human cutthe forest because they need it likethey can make building over there and they are wants wood and their personal use so,it would be create these things.For an example,humans are cut down forest and rain depends on forest because more forest create nature cycle ad that is why rain comes and because rain humans
    can get food and we can see that last year in Indonesia's forest destroyed by natural disaster and there were many people died cause if food,illitercy and
    without water.

    For my point of view,forest is the main part of the world and human and animals alive because if forest and live life possible on earth because of forest.In summary,that is why forest are the lungs of the earth.
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