Transportation is one of the most important issues of metropolitan and it is considered as a feature that shows the level of development in the country. Allocating budget to developing public transportation system or increasing roads is one of the problems that occupy the governorís mind. Although increasing roads has many benefits like easing traffic for a limited time, I think spending money on developing public transportation is more reasonable.
Enhancing the number of buses reduces the amount of fuel consumption, as the government increases the road you can see more vehicles with one passenger so in this case the use of fuels increases. Furthermore It has a disruptive effect on environment and increases the pollution . Assume that the carbon dioxide gas which emissions of forty car can be omitted just by using one bus. The pollution caused by the noise of motor engines of these vehicles is another issue that can be solved by soaring the number of buses or taxis and so on.
Public transportation helps to alleviate our nationís crowded network of roads by providing transportation choices. Although increasing roads can have the same effect on traffic at the beginning, after a short time peopleís desire to have a personal car will increase and the previous condition will be reigned in the roads, In addition it continues to be the safest modes of travel in the world, transit vehicles operators are trained to anticipate and avoid problems. Moreover the amount of money which can be saved by using public vehicles is considerable in comparing with the cost of driving single-occupant car.
In conclusion it is preferable to invest money on developing public transportation system .this system provides a clean air, safety and convenience , all of which contribute to an improved quality of life.