(source: Iceberg Slim Pimp, The story of my life)

The section that contains the sentence:

For this maniac you gotta be just like a Mississippi N. You gotta pretend hes a white lynch-mob leader. You gotta con him, but be careful, dont get cute. Keep your nose square in his ass. Jeff it out all the way.

(quotation marks as in original)


Slim (the main character) has to meet Sweet Jones, the pimp king of the city for the first time. He knows he has to be very careful communicating with him. He wants to win his sympathy and trust, but Sweet is a very dangerous and brutal person (even a four-times murderer). The quoted part is a monologue of Slim and shows how he runs down for himself the communication strategy he wants to follow in the conversation with Sweet.

So, what does it mean here to 'Jeff it out all the way'?