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    "belly back up to the bar"

    I don't understand the phrase "belly back up to the bar". In this sentence: "I stood next to the bar and drank down as I took in the atmosphere. After almost gulping down the first one I belly back up to the bar and ask the barmaid for a "Freeminer Speculation.""
    First I thought it is something like: I go back to the bar... but then I found it was also in another sentences like: "if I said something to my husband about being disrespectful when oggling teenage girls, and he responded with some kind of "you are insecure" remark...I would belly back up to the bar, with an agreement of being insecure"
    and now I really don't know what does it mean. Please, help me to make sense of this phrase.
    Thank you

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    Re: "belly back up to the bar"

    To belly up to the bar is to literally be leaning on the bar so that your midsection is touching. Figuratively, it means to get a drink from the bar. If he is bellying back to the bar, then he is returning to the bar for another drink.

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