Title of Essay
Computers can translate all kinds of languages well. Do our children need to learn more languages in the future?

computer can do anything.It is fact computer can translate any language in our mother tug.But it can translate language word by word ,not whole sentence.However some people think that computer can translate then no need to learn our children different languages.I am not totally agree with this.I elaborate my view in following paragraph.

To begin with ,language play significant role in communication.Without it imagination of world is impossible. Person should know language of the place or country to understand their culture ,religious or thought.There is more chances that Children will migrate to other countries for further study or job in future.At the same time they have to know language of that country.So they can easily interchange their ideas with others and survive easily.Addition languages can help them in future to get good job in translating fields.Also they can teach others that language to earn money.

Age of children is that they can learn any new language without any agitation.In period of learning they will get more and more information plus knowledge about that language and culture.It is not possible person move around world all time with computer ,so he can translate any sentence anywhere.Also it is not good practice when he is in meeting or conformance with other language people.Let's take example of English ,which is not my mother tug but without it i can compete this world now days.However it is compulsory for me and my culture's children to learn this language effectively.

It is also one fact every person can not learn every language.So computer can help person to take meaning of any sentence of other language by translating .But not possible to understand whole language by using computer.Even person can not attach with that language emotionally.

To sum up ,Learning new language is very helpful for children in future.But we should appreciate use of computer to understand any world level lanugage with just one click.