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    Exclamation Tense/ form of the phrase "was founded"

    I am doing a final assessment on a grammar component in a TESOL/TEFL course and I am having trouble determining the tense / form of the verb phrase " was founded" .

    The total sentence is " The school was founded in 2002.

    I have been told this is not past simple and neither is it past perfect continuous. It seems to be passive voice but in my mind that shouldn't alter the tense/ form.

    it is obviously the verb to be (was) in its past form and using a past participle but I am stuck to know what tense it actually is and why???

    Thank you for your help and I appreciate you getting back to me at your earliest convenience..

    Alison Sutton

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    Re: Tense/ form of the phrase "was founded"

    It IS past simple (and passive)!

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