Hello everyone!
Could you, please, help me with my motivation letter?
Thank you in advance!

Dear Sir/Madam:
I am writing to express my interest in applying for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship to study at the MA programme Euroculture. I believe my educational background and work experience would enable me to make a strong contribution at this programme. I hold four years Bachelorís degree in linguistics (Russian language and literature) from Novosibirsk State Technical University (Novosibirsk, Russia) which I completed in 2007. I continued my studies at the same university and became a linguist with specialization in journalism in 2008. This fundamental philological education has already proved to be an invaluable tool in my life and career as it provided me with the core abilities Ė to work with information effectively and search for necessary facts easily, to think critically and collaborate with others, to manage my time and sources and acquire essential skills shortly. Due to my specialization in journalism I have done two one month internships: in the newspaper ęContinent SiberiaĽ (one of the most important economical newspapers in my region) and in the press centre of my university. Apart from these internships I have been a journalist at universityís newspapers for two years. This experience has been a perfect asset in developing my communication and writing skills. I have always thought that living in another country and interacting with its culture can be the greatest enriching force for oneís personality. Therefore, in 2009 I became a member of international youth organization AIESEC, and since early 2010 have done three exchange internships: in Colombia (02/10-07/10), in Turkey (04/11-08/11) and in Ecuador - 08/11-07/12. This experience has changed my mind and character, made me think differently about myself, my country and the world around me. What is more, it helped me to understand the field in which I wish to pursue my career. The goal that I would like to achieve after getting the masterís degree is to work on management of cultural projects in international organization. Despite the fact that I have a wide range of interests related to culture, particularly I would like to focus on projects that give the true and clear image of traditional culture of countries. It is widely believed that the ability to navigate cultural differences is a key in preventing conflicts and essential to effective cooperation. I consider folklore traditions to be crucial in understanding the mentality of a nation as they represent the deepest and oldest layer in national subconscious. Therefore, I feel certain that the projects which aim to demonstrate various forms of traditional art and their inner meaning can increase the productivity of international cooperation. Cultures and arts have been my main interest for a long period of time. For instance, I have tried many artistic forms myself and have been a frequent guest at presentations of traditional and modern art. Since my childhood I have been interested in organizing extra-curricular activities for my friends, family and classmates. Thatís why I took a part in managing all the cultural projects for the pupils while working as the guitar teacher in House of childrenís arts in my hometown. The most recent project that I conducted was held in William Caxton College (Ecuador) where I prepared one class for the science fair. The idea and its realization were warmly accepted by parents and the schoolís authorities. However, I donít have enough theoretical knowledge or any intercultural managing experience to take a desirable position. Thatís the reason for applying to the MA programme Euroculture. I have enclosed all materials required for acceptance into the masterís programme. Thank you very much for your consideration of my application.