Have you found yourself in the situation where you feel frustrated that your children have been learning a second language for years and still can not speak it?
I find myself asking the same question on numerous occasions.
My ten-year old niece has been learning English for almost 4 years and I struggle to see any progress. I found her speaking ability very poor. She can not string together one proper sentence. All she can do is to give me some sentences that were memorized for her English projects!! I am not saying she is not bright enough as she can pick up the English easily while holidaying abroad,what I am trying to point out is that schools strictly follow coursebooks and do not encourage children to speak in the English class.
Schools and not only schools should take a different approach to teaching a second language.
It is a shame that schools do not work with the fact that children have the natural ability to learn a foreign language and pick up any accent easily up to the age of 13, as research and studies show.
Why for goodness sake, are schools killing our children's natural ability to speak a second language in order to tick the box (coursebook rules)
All I want is to raise awareness of the wrong approach of teaching a foreign language (not only children).