Can you tell me if the definion of these verbs about what to do with a car is correct, please?

to pull up: It's when maybe there's a problem or for whatever reason I've got to stop the car. In this sense, we could say that "pull up" is a synonym of "stop".

to pull in: If I pull in somewhere with my car, I have to drive in a lay-by or near a gas station, so I get off the road where I'm in and I park the car in another place.

to pull over: It's when I need to park the car at the side of the road for a short time, but without entering a lay-off or something; it's simply to stop the car at the edge of the road.

to pull off: It has got the same meaning of "to pull over". Is this correct?

What do you think about these definitions? Are they correct?
Any other phrasal verbs we can use with a car?