Okay so i am native English and i just got a private job teaching English to two young kids aged 6 and 9 in Spain. I have experience teaching conversational English to adults and i am very good with children. But i donīt know where to start, all i know is the job cannot involve too much boring worksheets or cheesy songs. Im looking for ideas for teaching. What will interest them but at the same time teach them. So far i have arty ideas but i guess im lacking in confidence. I dont know if its okay for me to hold up pictures and get them to repeat for the first lesson. I know eventually we will be comfortable together and i can go places with the kids and play sports or whatever, but to start with i need a concrete lesson plan but im struggling to find anything practical but orginal. Also i have some good ideas and im scared the older one will think they are immature. Please give me any and all suggestions...and advice...all welcome, thank you. Id really appreciate a few lesson ideas to start with to get the ball roling in my head