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Thread: perfect tense

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    perfect tense

    hi to all!

    i want to ask about the perfect tenses.when am i going to use the perfect tense? the past perfect and present perfect?im very confusing about these things.Could you give me some examples together with their explanations for me to understand them easily.

    your response will help me a lot in my studies.

    thank you very much in advance!im looking forward to hear from you


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    Re: perfect tense

    The present perfect is related to now and the past perfect is related to a point in the past:

    You have made 8 posts in the forum. - These posts are finished, but related to the present because you can add more later.

    You asked anout the perfect yesterday- if you look down to the bottom of the page, you'll see that there had been many questions about this before yours. (more in the past)

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