Everyday is a stand-alone adjective. It means common, or regular.

Example: My Toyota is my everyday car, but sometimes I drive the Corvette.

Every day is two separate words. They describe the frequency of the action specifically. It literally means at least once per day.

Example: I drink coffee every day.


Sometimes - describes frequency of an action (means occasionally, and it implies a frequency less than always and more than never).

Example: Sometimes I watch football on TV; sometimes I don't.
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Sometime - describes a point in time in the future

Example: I will come to your house sometime tommorow
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Some time: describes an undefined length of time, usually a long time. It is equivalent to saying "some amount of time", but the "amount of" part is implied.

Example: I have dreamed of winning the lottery for some time.
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Some times . . . not 100% sure how to describe it. "Some" seems to be an adjective describing the "times" (days, weeks, months, etc). It usually implies unusual or crazy times . "Some crazy times"

Example: These are some times we have been having lately. It has rained for 2 weeks straight.
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The above are the defination I quoted from Yahoo. Do you agree? Can I know the real meaning and differences between the above?

Thank you.