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Thread: smack children

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    smack children

    "Prime Minister Tony Blair has revealed he smacked his older children, in an interview with BBC Two's Newsnight. "
    Does smack mean slap on the face or spank on the rear? Cuz smack is defined as slap, which gives the impression of hitting on the face; but I find it incredible that English parents should slap their kids in the face.
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    Re: smack children

    It doesn't mean the same as slap in the face.

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    Talking Re: smack children

    From the film Patton (1970), George C. Scott playing the title role:

    [as the British parade into Messina, Sicily, only to discover that it's already been captured by the Americans under Gen. Patton]
    Field Marshal Sir Bernard Law Montgomery: Don't smirk Patton. I shan't kiss you.
    Patton: Pity. Because I shaved very close this morning in preparation for getting smacked by you.

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