a/ The new Mayor [swear in] swore in on the 5th of May. I [witness] witnessed the ceremony
and was among those few who [fool + not] weren't fooled by his words.
b/c/ This new method of repairing roads [involve] involves stabilising the surface of the road
with cement. At present, it [try] is being tried on a local road near Oxford. If the method [prove]
proves to be effective, it [use] will be used on a much wider scale.
d/ Most parents strongly oppose their children [send] being sent catalogues of teen fashion.
e/f/ My comment about Miss Stanley's exhibition [be] was devastating. Since the organizers
[know] knew about it, I [invite + not] haven't been invited to the opening. They wanted positive
opinions only.
g/ All that Jerry says now is that he wishes his critics [be] had been with him on the night of the
h/ We were all shocked when Mrs Hubb [make] was made to pay back the money owed by her ex-
husband, whom she [see + not] hasn't been for 15 years