Hello everybody,
I really need your help on writing a good letter of motivation for my application for a master degree. I would highly appreciate any corrections and advice from your side.
Thank you in advance.

Dear Sir/Madame,

I would like to apply for the Masterís Degree in the University of Bologna, the Faculty of Economics in Rimini, in the subject of Tourism, Economics and Management, for the academic 2012/2013year. My ambition has always been to work in the international field of Tourism and having an undergraduate education in Tourism (Bulgaria), I would like continue my studies, in order to enrich, update and strengthen my knowledge.

I hold a four-year bachelor's degree in Tourism from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia (Bulgaria). UNWE is the largest, the oldest and the most prestigious economic university in Southeastern Europe, first established in 1920. During the bachelor degree program I have studied 35 different disciplines (some of them consisting in more than one part) and I have prepared two course assignments. The studying program included 13 fundamental economic subjects, along with 22 specialized Tourism subjects. Graduation required passing two state exams. My form of education was distance learning, since I needed to combine my studies with work and I found that form very contemporary and stimulating. I had no choice but be organized, focused and efficient. Moreover, I could face the real world and begin my work experience at the age of 19. Having a full-time job as an office secretary, did not influence my studies, as most of my lectures were held in the weekends. Moving to the casino business was my first attempt to work in the tourism field. Starting as a dealer (croupier) in 2003, I later had the opportunity to join the cruise ships industry in 2005. With a small break (May 2006-January 2007) for graduation reasons, I worked for Carnival Corporation for nearly six years. It was with this job that I visited 36 countries in four different continents. During that period, I moved from a dealer to a trainee supervisor and a full-time casino supervisor. The latter involved acquiring numerous managerial and organizational skills, besides punctuality, discipline, precision. Taking fast decisions in critical moments and assuming great responsibilities was crucial. However, the most valuable experience of all, was having the opportunity to work in an international environment, for the most famous cruise company in North America (and elsewhere), with guests, crew and staff from all over the world. . I had the pleasure to meet varied cultures, to work according to international rules and procedures and to affirm my intrapersonal ease. Therefore, working on a cruise ship is not just a job, it is a way of life.

I moved to live in Italy because of my fiancťe, in January 2011. I needed time to get settled but I have never stopped wishing to continue my education here, in Italy. Having travelled a lot and being on both sides (the tourist and the personnel sides) for years, has only increased my endurable desire to be more competent and proficient in the tourism sector. My aim is to realize myself in this field, being able to help more people to travel, to contribute to the economic growth of my country (currently Italy) and to promote the world and local traditions, history and culture. Therefore, I would like to refresh and expand my previous knowledge, capture the essence of the modern tourism economy, and obtain new and deeper understanding of management. Contemporary tourism becomes more challenging and demanding than ever, and sound knowledge and high professionalism are essential for its executives. The Faculty of Economics in Rimini, belonging to the oldest university in the western world Ė the University of Bologna, with traditions in educating international students, is the most appropriate place, where such professionalism and knowledge can be acquired. With its high reputation and prestige you have proved to be a leader in preparing professionals and managers in the field of the international tourism, competent and aware of the latest trends and tendencies, progressively thinking, and able to predict the future, while managing and improving the present.

I am especially interested in your Team Master Program because it is entirely taught in English. Undoubtedly, English is an international and business language thus is the language of tourism. I hold a certificate from the University of Cambridge for knowing English at Level C2, according to the Council of Europeís Common European Framework of Reference. Yet, I am eager to get new challenges studying specialized subjects in this language and sitting for all the exams in English. Moreover, I am looking forward to being part of an international Master Program and having (another) possibility to indulge in a multicultural environment.

I truly believe that a completion of the Masterís Degree in TEaM in your University will contribute for the development of my future career and will provide me the knowledge, confidence, and contacts to realize my dreams. Furthermore, the courses this program combines match perfectly my professional projects and academic expectations. In addition to that, I am hard-working, ambitious, and with an outgoing personality. Moreover, my international experiences attest of my capacity of integration and adaptation. I can work individually, as well as in a team. Considering my thorough bachelor education and my international work experience in the tourism field, I believe, I am suitable for the TEaM Master program.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Gergana Angelova