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    Smile Is this sentence used?


    I'd like to ask about passive sentences.
    In the exercise of the grammar there was a changing question from the active sentence to the passive one. Would you take a look at #1 and #2?

    #1 My father makes breakfast every morning.
    #2 Breakfast is made by my father every morning.
    The answer of #1 was #2.

    #2 sounds a little bit strange for me. Is #2 used actually? Is there some sentence which cannot be changed into passive sentences?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Is this sentence used?

    It's grammatically correct, but it is, as you say, a bit un natural- is there any real reason for the passive here? There are many sentences that can't be put into the passive- any intransitive verb, for instance. Also, there are sentences where either the active or the passive works better. the trouble with conversion exercises is that they concentrate on form rather than usage and create the false impression that it's just about transforming sentences, which it isn't- it's about focus and importance.

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