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    idiom and slangs

    Dear Teachers

    I have received an email from a friend of mine she is american
    she used in her message some idiom and slangs which was dificult
    for me to understand even though i used the famous website for
    the dictionaries

    we flew out on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays with the Young 'Uns and their young 'uns

    (does the uns means here childern ? )

    Now those two have a thoroughly modern marriage in that the husband is the chef in the house. I want one of those kinda guys!!!!) As an impetus to motivate him to crank up the ole cook stove for Christmas vitals

    (what is meant here by to crank up the ole cook stove for Christmas

    I intended to send out a humorous newsletter with the Chrissy cards but but I refrained. The ole poop....

    (what is meant here by the ole poop....)

    I had forwarded a recipe to him for Home-made Eggnog. Darned if he didn't take the bait and marshal the ingredients as an adventure in entertaining

    (what is meant here by {Darned} if he didn't {take the bait} and {marshal the ingredients} as an adventure in entertaining )

    what is meant by (let out a yelp)


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    Re: idiom and slangs

    Young 'un = young one (kid)
    crank up = fire up, turn on
    ole = old
    poop= tiredness
    darned = damned
    take the bait- fall for something
    marshal- gather, organise

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