Hey everyone , I’m posting an exercise from a schoolbook, so can anyone check it through. (Complex sentences – conditional clauses. )

Would you mind driving a bit slower? If you hit a tree, we won’t survive the crash.

I know it is pretty fast but if I am not in a hurry, we’ll never get at the party in time.

Right, but what would you say if we were lying with broken arms and legs in hospital ?

Never mind, you will never tell anyone if I had an accident at this speed.

Jack, look out! Do you realize we’ve just been driven on two wheels?

Yea, if that guy in that yellow sports car hadn’t hooted, we might even had bumped right into him.There were no threes fortunately. (They landed in a ditch of the road)

No, but if there was a tree, you wouldn’t have laughed like a madman now… I told you we would have anaccident if you do not drive carefully. What are you going to do ?

What would you do ifyou were me ?

(in an angry voice)Don’t know. We could give the police an emergency call, couldn’t we ?

There is no (single)phone-box for miles around here. Moreover, if there were one, I wouldn’t ring them up.

Why not?

Well, if they come up here, they would have seen how fast I’ve been driving and I don’t want to beput in prison.

Let’s walk it.
You remember that old uncle of mine? He had an accident the other day…

(Stop it, I have enough…)