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Thread: tenses - help!

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    tenses - help!

    Can you please tell me if the following uses of tenses are correct??

    1.) Due to the fact that the number of tourists eager to see the Crown Jewels __________________________ (increase) by 3% every month, new measures are expected to be introduced in the near future.
    a) increases
    b) has been increasing
    c) has increased
    d) is increasing

    2.) As far as I know, the verb 'represent' is a stative verb & therefore can't be used in any continuous tense, but still - is it possible to say:
    ...the huge black birds who HAVE BEEN REPRESENTING the power and might of this English fortress since the 11th century.
    (instead of 'have represented')

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    Re: tenses - help!

    1- they're correct.
    2- In this context, there's a story that the monarchy will fall when the crows disappear, so there is some importance for their status, and the unfinished nature is crucial to the myth. You can use represent in the progressive.

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