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    Simple Future Tense

    I have a question on the simple future tense. I know thatyou use will/shall with the simple form of the verb for the future tense. But I also found out that you can use am, is, or are with going to for thefuture tense. Here are a couple of diagrams for the following sentence: The surgeon is going to perform the firstbypass in Minnesota.
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    Minnesotashould be underlined.

    My question is which of these two is correct. If the first is correct then can you breakdown the verb phrase for me (helping verbs and main verb) and explain how aninfinitive is part of the verb?

    Thank You
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    Re: Simple Future Tense

    The first is what Reed-Kellogg would do.
    "is going to perform" is the periphrastic ??? future tense.

    Good question!!!!


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