There are many differences between School and University life. One difference is that in School the buildings are smaller and there are only one classroom for study also, one cafeteria and one cafe. While in University it is so difference there are many specific buildings it is higher and bigger also, there are many classrooms and cafeterias additionally, cafés. University teach moor subject so students need more classrooms. For example, University has computer rooms and library also, cafés.

Another difference between School and University life. Is the way of learning. In School students usually use the Internet also, once in a blue moon students visit library. However, in University students always use the Internet and visit library to reading books for learning and find the answers also, gather information students must learn how to use computer also, Students must work independently and how to be a responsible student. University give more project for students because students need many ways to learning. For instance, University has the Internet in all University also, library additionally, computer rooms.

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