Words have different meanings to different people. What might be the correct way to you might not be the correct way for me. I have a autistic son whom I love and understand his labeling. He understands (his way) as do I. The teachers here have their understanding of (correct english) and there are those who do not.

Which is the correct way of writing Houston or Houseton? Different folks different way of understanding. Is English perfect? Is it better to (understand) what was written as perfect? I see a dilemma concerning (the way of interpreting and using words in English).

I understand the order of the abc's and 123. But it seems there is more than one way or style to use the language. The word linquist (a person who interprets words and their meaning comes to mind). I am against the (word) (perfect) for it leads to pride and mind blindness. The eclipse is because your spell checker does not accept the way these words are presented.

I leave you teachers with this thought. How can one learn the correct way of writing when there are thousands of writers and their style that write (their way)? is there a law that must be followed are, are we banished forever to our way of writing? Thoughts please, no critiquing please. pljames